Good Times And More At The Religious Sex Mountain Of Indonesia

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Indonesia mountain

The world has witnessed a lot of rituals, some a bit extreme and some outrightly inhumane but a mountain with a notorious reputation for implementation of adultery is one of a kind.

Indonesia is a stunning Asian country where traditional religion blends with superstition, but one thing that is totally uncharacteristic to Indonesia is its village Solo which is host to an outlandish tradition.

A place where local businessmen, politicians, married men and women go to have sex to bring luck and prosperity!

What’s interesting is that Indonesia majorly construes of Muslims and the idea of adultery is complete no-no in the religion. Yet it is open to a clandestine ritual where thousands make a pilgrimage to a place colloquially known as the ‘sex mountain’.

Once a month, devout Muslims flock to a shrine at the top of a hill to commit adultery with strangers in the belief that it will bring them affluence.

Legend has it that the prince Pangeran Samodro and his step mother Nyai Ontrowulan ran away to Mount Kemukus, but while having sex they were spotted by soldiers and were killed and buried together for committing incest. It is said that is anyone successfully committing a shameful act on the fortunate day of Jumat Pon on that mountain is blessed by the two souls and gifted with abundance.

The ritual begins with prayers and offerings of flowers at the grave of prince and his step mother. Followed by cleansing their body at one of the holy springs on the hill and having sex with a complete stranger. This needs to be done seven times. In order to complete it, two people need to exchange numbers and meet each other after every 35 days for sex, until they complete this ritual.

Pak Slamat, told ABC that: “They are small business people and if you ask them, they say it works, that before business was slow and now it's good. This is the work of Allah, through our traditional ways.”

Sex Mountain of Indonesia

Over time word spread and this became a national activity, leading to an increase in prostitution. As a result the government has set up health clinics to distribute condoms and spread awareness about HIV and AIDS.

Ritual or not, for all its tawdriness, the simultaneous rise of modern day cheating websites and lewd dating apps is clear proof that there’s a market for adultery, making it abundantly clear that the ritual isn’t the problem, the problem is the publics obsession with it.

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