Nature’s Godsend - The Lure Of These Lights Will Make You Believe In Magic

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If you believe the world is humdrum, lacks adventure and excitement – the story of these travellers will be the much needed trigger that will encourage you to start exploring.

The lure of glow-worms is intriguing. There is something very surreal about watching them that makes tourists from around the world flock to places that have them in abundance.

“Bioluminescent glow-worms bring in over six million dollars for Australian tourist operators each year.” - ABC

But adventurers Jordan and Jenna of Stoked for Saturday weren’t satisfied with just a visit to the Waitomo caves in New Zealand. Their passion to capture the unique beauty of these caves meant spending an initial 60 laborious hours inside the cave, amidst dangerous eels, which got them the coveted New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year  - Time-lapse award. 

Clearly this success wasn’t enough. The drive to tell a strong visual story once again drove them back to the caves. This time spending 30 additional hours to create a visual indulgence which will even arouse couch potatoes to sit up and be curious about this spectacular treat burrowed in New Zealand.

Waitomo is a popular tourist destination and if you are planning to visit these caves you’ll be pleased to know that they have guided tours, which includes a dreamy boat ride through this glow-worm filled grotto.

Waitomo’s Lights

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