10 Essential Apps For The Mobile Journalist - IPad And IPhone

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As we all know the evolution of mobile technology has changed the way we communicate and share dramatically. Devices, apps and social media have provided us with incredible power both as individuals and communities. Whether that is to inspire a new direction in an individual's life or even in the way a country is run.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or simply looking for the tools to research, write, record, take photos and share one story that you are passionate about. Here is our top ten list of iPhone and iPad apps that will help you get your message across in a professional way by transforming the quality and efficiency of your mobile journalism.


1. Hindenburg Field recorder (free & paid version)

Hindenburg Field recorder

From taking notes to conducting an interview, one of your most important pieces of equipment is a good audio recorder. Although there are currently countless sound recording apps on Appstore today few of them offer editing and sharing capabilities that allow you to record and edit your audio in your iPhone or iPad without the need of uploading and editing on your desktop or laptop.

The Hindenburg Field Recorder offers a wide range of tools for non-destructive editing including redo and undo capabilities, trimming, cutting, moving and fading along with recording functions such as markers and gain control.

There is a lite version of Hindenburg Field Recorder for those that want to try it out. It does however carry some major limitations for most making the full version (£22.99) the only viable option for the serious mobile journalist.

2. Dropbox (free)


Most of you probably know about Dropbox now so I won’t waste your time telling you what you already know. Dropbox however is something any professional or aspiring mobile journalist should definitely be using. Save, store and share your files safely and have access to them anytime on any device.

3. Filmic Pro (£5.99)

Filmic Pro

If you are looking to recording High Definition video with your iPhone or iPad but are looking for an app that gives you full control over the settings then Filmic Pro is the answer.

Whereas many apps provide a simple approach to recording video making the majority of features and functions automated the Filmic Pro allows you to make professional looking videos by giving you all the control you need over ISO, exposure, shutter speed, tint, focus and much more.

Check out the video King of the Downhill Cart” made entirely on Filmic Pro

4. iMovie (£3.99)


Another well known app that is excellent for editing videos within your iPhone or iPad. Trim, cut, paste, move, adjust volume, use transitions and more to create professional looking videos without ever having to export footage from your tablet or phone.

5. Video Grade (£4.49)

Video Grade

Video Grade is the perfect app to finish off your video app trio. Offering powerful colour correcting features Video Grade allows you to change brightness, saturation, contrast, recovery (for shadows and highlights), temperature, tint, black and white or even add a vignette ,making it the perfect post production app to make your videos look exactly how you want them too.

6. PicPlayPost (free)


PicPlayPost is a fantastic app for making video collages to tell stories on social media. Why is this useful? On social media you need to tell as much about your story and capture the attention of your viewers in seconds. The limitations of the video thumbnail screen or the need for showing extra information such as images of what or who you are talking about whilst your video plays makes this task  of capturing attention difficult. PicPlayPost allows you to share multiple images in one view without the need to edit and embed extra images so that you can provide all the information and making your report more eye catching.

PicPlayPost is free if you aren’t concerned with their small watermark on your videos but if you prefer to have your own logo here you can do so for a small, one off  in app purchase fee of £1.50.

7. Snapseed (free)


Snapseed is the perfect app for putting the finishing touches on your images. Although it does have an automatic feature to make life quick and easy for you, the real power lies in the many editing features that allow you to set the mood, feel and look of your photo to tell the story in a way you intended.

Snapseed allows you to select certain areas for editing or edit the whole image with features from brightness and contrast through to textures and center focus meaning you can complete the entire photography process from capture to edit without leaving your mobile device.

8. Periscope (free)


Periscope is a live stream broadcast app that allows you to share live footage or view live footage to or from your followers. This is perfect if you are wishing to share something or are wishing to share an event live. Videos can then be saved to your device and used at a later date. Used correctly Periscope can be an extremely powerful tool for sharing stories as they are happening enabling you to share and tell the stories before anyone else.

9. Ustream (free)


Like periscope Ustream is a live streaming app that allows you to share stories as they happen. The real power behind Ustream is the ability to embed the live broadcast directly into your website or blog allowing you to keep your viewers and visitors of your site up to date with stories as they happen.

10. Steller (free)


Steller is beautiful little app that can be used for telling your stories through a combination of words, films and pictures.

Steller allows you to create a digital flip book that works great as a storytelling. By combining your images and videos with words you can create great content for social media that can be used on it’s own or for capturing attention to promote a more indepth article or story.

Have any more suggestions? Do you like the ones we recommended?

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