5 Bizarre Unsolved Events From Human History

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Our world is a fascinating place. There are so many unsolved mysteries in our universe that even the most prolific and dedicated scientists, researchers and historians have been stumped by the riddles.

Even though the human mind demands logical explanations for enigmatic and unexplainable events, there are too many obscure mysteries throughout history that leaves us with speculations about their existance.  

Inca civilisation

The Incan Empire

The sad demise of the Mayan civilisation is one of the greatest unsolved enigmas of the ancient world. The Incans carefully constructed Machu Picchu which stands over 2000m over sea level surrounded by stunning tropical forests.

There are several theories behind the laborious construction of this magical city, but the real reason is still unknown.

Another strange phenomena was that the city lasted for a decade before it was completely abandoned.  Clues gathered by archaeologists from paintings on walls, pottery designs and writings, has helped us understand a little about their lifestyle, but no one knows how this flourishing society just vanished without a trail. Was it collapse from cataclysm, political disorder or something else? No one knows.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” - Albert Einstein

Parthian Battery

The Parthian Battery also called as the Baghdad Battery is a clay pot with an internal copper cylinder and iron head. After its discovery in the 1930’s, many scientific experiments were conducted on it. Later it was observed that these objects can conduct around two volts of electricity. Since they can only produce little electricity, no one knows why or how they were used.

If this device was used for electricity, then mankind discovered electricity thousands of years before our history books suggests. Till date there is no solid evidence demonstrating the real purpose of this artefact. We can’t know for sure until some new evidence is found, if it ever will be.

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript from the 15 century still remains a conundrum.The script features unknown alphabets, images of unknown plants and astronomical images.

For years there have been speculations calling it a hoax, complex code or an unknown language. Some of the most brilliant code breakers from World War II who deciphered encrypted enemy messages were unable to decode the contents of this book.

Out of the many theories regarding this book, one suggests that it is an ancient herbal remedy book, although why such a book features images of naked women bathing still remains unclear.

Either the manuscript is so profoundly complex that we lack the intellectual advancement to unravel its mystery or it’s the remnant of a con artist's joke.The theories surrounding the text and its message still remains unclear.

"There are mysteries which men can only guess at, which age by age they may solve only in part" - Bram Stroker

Temple of Gobekli Tepe

There lies a place, atop a mountain, in an ancient city in south-east Turkey called Gobekli Tepe. This archaelogical site comprises of many temples built by man. The mystery is that these temples have spectacular carvings with pillars that weigh around 60 ton. So how did men from prehistoric times build a massive monument even when the most basic tools and weapons had not been invented?

Supporters of the Ancient Astronaut Theory indicate that aliens could have abetted mankind to create extraordinary structures not just in Turkey, but throughout the world. The scientific community is still finding the answer for this one.

Easter Islands

People of Rapa Nui 

The Rapa Nui  people lived in isolation, with no influence from the outer world. They are well known for carving large Moai sculptures in Easter Island. Archaeologists have revealed that these statues were built and then dragged down to the base of the volcano by the islanders. There must have been a very reasonable explanation why the Rapa Nui people undertook such strenuous effort to drag the 13 feet sculptures. However the real reason is still a brain-teaser.

The islanders also had their own system of writing, different from anyone else in the world. No one knows who taught these people to write, or develop their own system.

Writing was first invented in Asia only a few thousand years BC. So what do the symbols carved in an indecipherable language mean?

A lot of theories suggest the intervention of extraterrestrials. But even science and research haven’t been able to unravel any of the anonymities relating to these sculptures, making them one of the greatest mysteries of the world.

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