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Captured Nation is an independent media house with a hunger to seize the most bizarre, beautiful and absurd things from around the world.

Our goal is to bring together like minded individuals who have passion, attitude and no agenda. Creating an environment where people can focus on sharing stories, experiences and world news whilst earning and income from them as they go.

So if you have a voice and a vehement for sharing compelling stories as a writer, photographer or a filmmaker then we'd like to hear from you today!

How does it work?

If you are a writer, journalist or a photographer you can sign up for free with an opportunity to share your story/project globally. Your stories will be fully accredited, promoted and will begin earning you money through our ad revenue sharing system. This means, the more popular it is, the more you earn. Giving you an opportunity to earn an income over a lifetime.

As a photographer you can upload and showcase your work to ourVisual Story Gallery to raise awareness about project(s) and campaign(s) or you can take advantage of our unique marketplace to earn extra income through your stock photography.

How we can help?

Captured Nation is a community platform for you. We provide untethered stories, experiences and opinions from around the world whilst supporting and helping the individuals behind them.

Join the revolution

Becoming aware of the world as it is now is essential for the betterment of humanity.

Stories have immense power - entertain, shock, educate and inspire by finding and sharing the stories that matter to you the most. Sign up now, share your stories and earn an income.

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