Are We Losing Our Religion? Find Out In Our Global Religion Statistics Infographic

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Global Religion Statistics Population Infographic

 Are we losing our religion? Research by Pew Research shows that being unaffiliated is now the third most popular religious standpoint across the globe. The gap between population and the religionists has definitely grown over the years but is this due to us losing our faith in the current establishments or are we losing our faith in the belief of our god(s)?

The increase in population shows natural growth in most of the religions with their numbers growing accordingly. What is interesting is that religions like Buddhism and Judaism seem to gain very little in percentage where as religions such as Islam seem to be gaining more and more of the share each year.

The two largest religions coincidently are the youngest and are spread throughout the globe much more than any of the others, dominating the territories that they hold. Why is this? Is it because of the number of children each generation produces? The religions goal to convert or is it because they offer something that fits our modern day needs?

Where Islam and Christianity seem to hold dominance in a number of areas throughout the world Hinduism and Judaism appear to concentrate in, or close to the very place that they originated.

The most religiously diverse areas are the Asia-Pacific regions. Here we can see the percentages shared out much more evenly. The Middle East, North Africa, the Americas and Europe however tend to be dominated by just one or two. The question is, is this down to a freedom of religious choice, local influence, family influence and growth, the fact that the religion gives the people and their cultures what they need or is it the aggressive tactics in which the religions followers force themselves upon communities?

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