Biggest Airlift Ever! 33 Lions Rescued

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It is a victorious day for Animal Defenders International (ADI). Thanks to them thirty three lions get to start their new lives in South Africa. The lions are being airlifted to their homeland today. According to The Guardian, the flight will be the biggest airlift for lions ever. 

ADI focuses on fighting for animal welfare and conservation issues by stopping cruelty against animals in entertainment. The animals kept in captivity are often held in appalling conditions where trainers use whips, tight collars, electric prods, and other painful tools to force animals to perform. Hence spreading awareness and putting a stop to animal cruelty is vital.

Over the last few years Animal Defenders International have been working with legal authorities in Peru and Columbia to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. So far they have rescued over 100 animals and the Peruvian officials are now enforcing the prohibition on wild animals and enforcing a crackdown on illegal wildlife trafficking.

Who says there’s no humanity in the world - big cheers to Animal Defenders International for freeing the lions and continuing their great work in stopping cruelty against animals.

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