Can Humans And Crocodiles Be Friends? Watch The Real Story Of An Unlikely Bond

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baby crocodile

With the internet open as a vast sea for expedition, we often come across exceptional stories of human-animal bond which gets us teary eyed, but nothing comes close to our recent discovery.

A man being best friends with one of the most deadly reptiles, one that considers human its food is unheard of and utterly shocking.

Crocodiles and alligators are lethal, they are unpredictable, hard to tame and definitely not loyal – but sometimes it’s great to discover real life examples which prove ‘never say never’, as one man did what was previously considered impossible.

Even though crocodiles and alligators have a dangerous stance, they are often misunderstood. 

When we see a crocodile on the banks of a lake with its mouth wide open, it might look like aggression, but it’s just a mechanism to cool their bodies as they do have sweat glands and need to release heat through their mouth. Once again this proves that everything we assume might not be true.

But our recent discovery of a phenomenal real life story of a Costa Rican fisherman and his relationship with a giant crocodile, really makes us question and unlearn everything we had previously learnt and assumed about crocodiles, along with their capability to form a real, human like bond.

“Scientists would say they are basically motivated by survival, food or protection… So can a crocodile, understand and share the feelings of a human?”

‘The man who swims with crocodiles’, a documentary made by Rogger Horrocks, is revelatory and explores a completely different side to crocodiles we’ve ever seen before. To watch the whole film, click on the video below.

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