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About Voice
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Freedom belongs to everyone.

VOICE was conceived for the benefit of ordinary people who are entitled to receive reliable and timely information about the global society and beyond.

We are facilitators and compilers of real life experiences that would enrich your life. On one end of the spectrum we want you to share your raw moments of historic, spiritual, enriching experience and the other end we also want you to speak about the real truth, injustice, discrimination and empower the world with your stories.

A free press is part of a larger right of free expression – something to be jealously preserved and guarded, regardless of the abuses of those who hinder it. So if you feel something meaningful or vivid happening to or around you in real life write to us today.

For those who need an extra set of hands, but have a great story for us, then our panel of editors will happily work with you to deconstruct your moments on our global platform.

VOICE was born to be a consortium of information built and developed by you. Together we are building a powerhouse community of journalists, activists, documentary film-makers, travel photographers committed to sharing unfiltered stories.

Sign up today - so VOICE can be your portal of choice - where stories you want to tell will unravel.


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