Independent And Citizen Journalism From Around The World [Infographic]


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You have an important story, project or cause and want to tell the world, the problem is how do you get it out there? and if possible raise your profile and earn from your work.

Captured Nation is a platform dedicated to finding weird, wonderful, heart warming and disturbing stories from around the world whilst supporting those that witness them first hand.

Tips, Support & Advice

By providing solid advice and tips on how to write your story, conduct interviews, use equipment and put everything together we help you get your otherwise hidden stories out into the open.

As a member you can then submit stories through your personal hub setting them off on their journey.

Each successful story is then published as a voice community news piece  or as a featured story.

Story Promotion

From here you and your story are promoted through a number of channels to individual readers, organisations and media outlets, helping you to gain maximum exposure and raise awareness.

Along with this your story will be eligible to earn money through crowd-funding and donations from readers, followers and supporters of your work.

Earning Money and Raising Funds

This means, the more you promote your story alongside our campaigns the more exposure your story gains  and the more potential there is for earning.

Alternatively, if your story is featured, you will benefit from crowd-funding and donations but as an added bonus you will receive a one off payment from us and extra promotion that will push you and your story forward.

All of your work is attributed to you, and further awareness can be raised through your personal profile, which allows you to build followers and you can follow people who write, photograph or film stories that interest you the most.

So if you have a story, a cause, a project or you’re passionate about finding and sharing real stories you have the power to make a difference within your home, community or even the world by joining and sharing your stories through Captured Nation.

So join CapturedNation today.

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