Indigo & Crystal Children, The Mysteries & Hypothesis Of Their Being

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Indigo children  and how to recognise one

It is believed that here on Earth belongs a divine community of children and adults with supernatural powers who were brought down to transcend our existing way of life and lead to human evolution. These supernatural beings are the star children also known as the Indigo children.

Origin of indigo children

The term, Indigo children and the concept was brought into attention in the seventies by a globally recognised author, parapsychologist and synesthete, Nancy Ann Tappe.

In the preceding years research and reading materials surfaced surrounding the belief in the existence of indigo children and their abilities. The interpretations from these beliefs suggest that crystal children possess paranormal abilities such as telepathy, heightened intuition, psychic abilities, empathy and exceptional creative ability. 

Psychologist Lee Carroll conducted further research to study the authenticity of the special abilities. Through experiments, Caroll observed that the auras of the Indigo children differed from other children and depicted a strong violent shade in comparison to others which was yellow or green.

The first sighting of Indigo children was in China. The children who belonged to that group had demonstrable paranormal ‘psychic’ powers, as a result the Chinese government has been studying and supporting the work of psychics for medical and military purposes since the early 80s.

Over the years even prominent scientists have come to terms and given credit to the method of studying energy forces called auras.

Through his experiment Carroll observed that Indigo children do have higher intellect compared to their peers with an average IQ of 130.

Am I an Indigo child?

You could be classed as an Indigo child if everything on the list below describes your personality.

  • An outcast
  • Someone with heightened sensitivity towards nature and animals
  • Empath with heightened psychic abilities and very strong intuition
  • Natural but subtle rebel
  • Does to confine to traditional methods of teachings and way of life
  • Exceptional creative talent in writing, painting, music or any artistic field

ADHD,  its correlation to crystal children and the revolution

Even though science has not openly accepted the existence of paranormal gifts in humans, the concept of star children did garner the attention of many parents worldwide, especially those who with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder(ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to be classed as Indigo Children.

Once diagnosed with ADHD or ADD,  doctors consider it is mandatory for the behavior patterns to be subdued with drugs to avoid long term adverse effects. But with the rise in the alternative notion of Indigo Children, critics observe that many parents out of comfort or serious belief prefer to categorise their kids as “special” rather than inject them with drugs for treatment.

It is considered that the traits used to describe an Indigo Child can be so ambiguous making it applicable to just about any introvert but it really is similar to the psychological phenomenon called the Barnum effect, making it a gullible approach.

Modern day and the existence of the crystal children

The existence of supernatural or superhuman kids has been tested around different parts of the world and recent research has proven that children and adults with an Indigo aura have exceptional talent and are pioneers with exceptional IQ.

There has been a revival of interest in the Indigo children phenomenon with the rise in the New Age crowd, who revel in things that are intangible. But the thought of ‘supernatural uniqueness’ is this gateway for parents of children who had ADHD or ADD. Since then there has been a confusion between the Indigos and the ones diagnosed with a neurological disorder. The drug injection by medical practitioners has made parents of kids with ADHD and ADD bank on call their kids supernatural or special but the Indigos are different just like the fibre of kids and adults with neurological disorders and must be held in the light of truth without any judgement.

The correlation between ADHD and ADD kids with Indigo children does not exist, they are seperate entities. But with rapid  evolution comes confusion and collectively we are disillusioned by reality. There is some evidence behind the existence of Indigo children but only time can predict if they would ever become a mass biological phenomenon.

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