Jeremy Corbyn - A False Hope Or A Step In The Right Direction?

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Jeremy Corbyn a False Hope or a Step in the Right Direction
credit Garry Knight, London, England- Jeremy Corbyn No More War

We all want to live in a world of peace and equality, at least that's what we tell ourselves. We also hate the fact that much of the time we feel taken advantage of and lied to by the very systems that we feed.

It’s these two reasons why many of us in the UK find Jeremy Corbyn so appealing. The idea that everyone in the world can live in peace and harmony, understand difference, share responsibilities and live in unity regardless of race, belief, cultural background or financial standing. For this to work everybody involved needs to be on the same page, with individuals at home and throughout the world putting aside differences, shaking hands and living happily ever after. 

The question we need to ask is, is this fairytale possible or is it a little naive to believe that this is possible in a world where so many are fighting for resources, wealth, control or religious domination? 

Although it could be said that paranoia is instilled into us to keep those in power we believe are keeping us safe. It quickly becomes evident, even looking within the smallest sections of society, that there are always those wanting to take the biggest piece or even all of the pie for themselves.

Politically I have no allegiance to the left no more as I have any allegiance to the right. The beauty of many left wing views would be first choice in an ideal world, with many right wing views carrying just as much weight. The problem is, the world we live in isn’t ideal, divides and hunger to dominate through beliefs or finances seem so embedded in us that we can’t see past the things we base our own identities. Sometimes this is for the good but on many occasions we can’t avoid the temptation of power, wealth and control, no matter how small.

It seems like we have become caught in some kind of political pendulum throughout the years, favouring the left when the right shows  its flaws and back to the right when the left reveals weaknesses. Rather than getting caught in this to and fro motion should we not be seeking a way that sets the pendulum in the position where it naturally wants to be, right in the middle? Why is it that this seemingly simple task seems so impossible?

The main thing Corbyn does right is to make decisions based upon what he firmly believes is the right way, speaking with confidence and showing everyone that he truly believes in what he says and that he will stand true to his direction. It is this breath of fresh air that brings with it something that has been missing in politics for years. A leader who puts their people and the planet first, has integrity and isn’t bullied into making decisions for career or financial reasons.

The thing that is worrying is that there seems to be a lot of guard dropping in the far left, trusting that every individual will play their part nicely. The problem in this isn’t the concept, but the flaws we carry as humans. Giving power to the companies, power to the unions, power to any governing body or group can often lead to a loss of the clarity that was originally in place. Resulting in individuals or groups taking advantage of the system and flipping everything back on it’s head. 

Yes the world would be a better place with no nuclear weapons. Yes railway networks, education and healthcare should be in the hands of the country and private corporations should never possess power that is greater than the government or its people. Whereas playing nice works in theory we have to be aware that making naive mistakes can potentially open the door to a new set of problems, dangers, ideologies or megalomaniacs.

For real progress we need a system that establishes balance with implementing key points from each side so that a fair system can be created that is transparent, supportive and fair whilst being strong, firm and upholds it’s values.

Power needs to be in the hands of the people and their governments, not corporations who put their profit first. 

This kind of change is what we should be working on and it is one that should be ushered in gently rather than dropping our guard over night. The big thing we have to remember is that whilst we get all starry eyed by leaders that promise to bring us equality and tackle greed - it’s us as individuals that give power to the very people and organisations we criticise when we want cheaper foods, more convenience, low priced fuel, more credit and more security. It’s us that need to change more than our governments.

Therefore, we should see the election of Jeremy Corbyn not as a destination, but as the first step in the right direction, whilst being careful not to be mesmerised by this beacon of light, later to be left burning on the floor. Instead let's find balance; and move forward with strength and clarity in a direction that get’s us closer to this ideal destination, led by leaders interested in a better world, not a bigger bank balance.

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