Journey Across The World Through The Eyes Of A Traveller

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Travelling is self-indulgent. Serendipitously corralling in wanderlust is not only good for your mind, and body, but also incredibly imperative for your soul.

Seeing places has an incredible impact on our personality. It educates us about different ways of life, simpler ways of life, culture and makes us acutely aware of our present lifestyle on the world. It not only makes us a better human being, but also a more compassionate, well-informed, conversant and responsible citizens of the world.

Majority of us are too wrapped up in our solitary lives, hence traveling is the only remedy to slow our pace and makes us see things. 

This week in an effort to inspire more travel, we are featuring an inspiring video by photographer, filmmaker and storyteller, Kien Lam on his incredible journey around the world.

Travelling Around The World Part 1

Travelling Around The World Part 2

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