Man Nearly Gets His Head Snapped In Front Of Thousands Of People!

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crocodile wrestling in thailand

Thailand is home to the largest crocodile farming industry in the world. International brands from all over the world source exotic reptile skins from this kingdom. But amidst this grim skin trade business lies something even bizarre - a crocodile show!

Samut Prakarn which is just outside Bangkok,  is home to the world's largest centre for crocodiles. The staff at Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo preserve crocodiles by breeding them in captivity. This place is also known to be an education and research centre for the conservation of wildlife.  

This crocodile centre is booming with a growing audience which ranges from local to international primarily visiting to see the crocodiles in action. Some of the activities includes the trainers wrestling with crocodiles and people voluntarily putting their heads and hands inside the crocodile's mouth for fun! If that kind of extreme entertainment is your thing, you might want to visit this place next time you are in Thailand.

crocodile show in thailand

Watch this man nearly lose his head while performing a stunt to woo the audience

We aren’t sure which situation is better for the crocodiles - leaving them out in the open, ready to be captured and skinned or left in the zoo where they are fed but also messed with?

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