Mobile Journalism: 8 Tips To Capture Amazing Stories On Your Phone

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Our phones no longer are hand held entertainment devices used for instant messaging or photo sharing. News consumption across the globe is undergoing phenomenal shifts. There is a rise in news audiences accessing journalism through their mobile devices and a rise in storytelling through mobile. The most riveting side is the metamorphosis it signals for news giants. It makes us wonder who is today’s journalist as the power belongs to each one of us to share our voice through our mobile devices.

Rise of the mobile journalist

The power of mobile journalism lies in the boom of social media and a mobile culture because of the growing demand for shareable content. All the top  news publications see this upcoming trend in journalism and have started integrating mobile into their storytelling and content sharing strategy, prime example being the news giant BBC.

If you are an aspiring journalist or somebody who has a story to tell these eight extremely useful tips will enable you to tap it in the best possible way.


Make sure that your camera lens is clean. We often don’t bother to do it, but if you want to cover a story through your mobile device, this undoubtedly is the first step in making sure the quality of your shot is not compromised.

Screen mode

Everything we watch on TV, laptops, and our computers is on landscape mode, so keeping this in mind, make sure you are holding your phone horizontally.


Use a tripod to avoid shaky hands. Mobile phone tripods are very cheap, but if you cannot afford it right away just hold your phone and ensure that your other hand is used to support the hand holding the camera to avoid shakiness.


While filming, it’s crucial to ensure that along with the video, the quality of the audio is not compromised. So while recording make sure your hand is not blocking the microphone of your phone.

Be creative

Just because you have a mobile phone does not mean you have any restrictions on your creativity. Use filters, shoot in different angles, use time lapse and any other feature that will make your video and your story come to life.

Light Light Light

Make sure you shoot in areas where there is sufficient natural light. If you are shooting indoors, make sure the location is well lit. A mobile phone does have restrictions, but the best way to go around it is by making sure you have taken everything into consideration before you begin your shoot.


Always play the recording and listen to audio as soon as you complete your shoot to make sure you have got everything on film. If not, you still have an opportunity to capture all the missing elements.


Unlike a camcorder which could garner unwanted attention during riots or a crisis, a mobile phone is tiny and you could get away capturing evidence without anyone noticing. Remember that your mobile phone is a god send, especially during a sting operation.

Ultimately never let a device restrict your creativity. Your eyes are the best tool and your mobile phone is an excellent device that enables you to capture everything you see first-hand.

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” - Rumi

Mobile is reshaping journalism more profoundly than we could have imagined. This is good news for us, the people. This form of open and unrestricted journalism is emerging and is accessible and it can be created by anybody, and available to everybody.

So if you have an itch to tell stories, then follow our quick and easy tips and publish your amazing mobile story on Voice - our journalistic platform that is free and available to all.

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