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22 September 2015


Captured Nation is an invitation only; global perspective platform, which offers user generated content and helps people discover and share travel, culture, and socially relevant issues from around the world.

We encourage people to share and promote original, thought-provoking content and support individuals who investigate and promote topics close to their heart.

Our platform connects with several of the most significant topics and challenges perspectives.

We promote the contribution of writers who are crisis reporting, and through these stories we encourage people to engage in new forms of dialogue and debate to create awareness about under reported stories.

“I consider people witnessing and sharing stories as a public service. Captured Nation enables them to reinvigorate journalism’s responsibilities. If offers people an opportunity to share their voice and read a wonderful sampling of varied stories created and shared by you.” – Steven Bennett, Founder, Captured Nation

Particular attention is focused on the spontaneous actions of people caught-up in events transpiring around them, who feel compelled to participate in the making of news. In bearing witness to what they see, they engage in unique forms of journalistic activity, generating first-hand reportage, eyewitness accounts, video footage, digital photographs, Tweets, blog posts, which frequently makes a vital contribution to news coverage.

Now you can join as a contributor as we put the power of communication directly into the hands of writers with stories that deserve to be heard from around the globe. For more information visit




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