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Photographs have the power to make or break a story. They arouse excitement, fear, courage, sadness and many other emotions that educate, empower and sometimes disillusions us – but the truth is we cannot imagine a world without photographs or visual elements. Although ethically images must be relevant and accurate to the event and society to convey what is happening during a particular moment in time.

We bring to you six powerful documentary photographers and photojournalists on Instagram who share authentic stories with the noble initiative of educating and changing the system one step at a time.

Mandy Glinsbockel

Mandy has taken a plethora of images which have been featured in a number of high profile magazines including the National Geographic.

“Amidst our differing stories, cultural and economic circumstance, there is a core interconnectedness between each of us. It is my hope that my photographs are a catalyst in conveying this connection.”

Her storytelling comprises of capturing the hardships and victories of people from different geographies and cultural backgrounds. During the Nepal earthquake in 2015 she captured the stories of displaced people living in temporary shelters, she also actively supports issues related to women empowerment and education.  This Canadian award winning documentary photographer is currently based in Nepal.

Michael Christopher Brown

Michael is humanitarian photographer and filmmaker who has documented conflict in Congo and captured warfare just through his phone. He has established that story telling isn’t just about equipment – it’s the drive to tell real and honest stories of people. His work has been featured in the National Geographic Magazine, New York Times Magazine and in the 2012 HBO documentary (Witness:Libya)

Aarti Kumar-Rao

Aarti is an Indian photographer and writer who expresses the injustice in the world through visual storytelling. Her work primary focuses on underreported stories of people and the environment. Her radical project River Diaries focuses on the ecosystem and its impact on public health and the slow degeneration of lives.

Jonathan Torgovnik

Jonathan is an award winning documentary photographer and photojournalist whose photographs have been featured in several international publications like Time, New York Times magazine etc. His most prominent work includes exploring the culture of India through his book Bollywood Dreams  and Intended Consequences which tells the stories of women who were victims of sexual violence and the children who were born as a result. Jonathan’s work powerfully illustrates suffering and strength.

Lynsey Addario

Lynsey is an American photojournalist and author of the bestseller It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War . Throughout the years she has covered conflict in Afghanistan, Iraq, Darfur, Republic of the Congo, and Haiti. Some of her work included capturing the lives of women in Afghanistan, covering war in Afghanistan and the Taliban in Pakistan – among many others. Through visual storytelling she focuses on human right issues and won a Pulitzer for International Reporting.

Ed Kashi

Ed is a photojournalist who has dedicated his career to documenting social and political issues. His photographs have been published and exhibited worldwide, and his editorial assignments and personal projects have generated four books- Curse of the Black Gold , Madagascar – A Land Out of Balance, Three and When the Borders Bleed . Along with winning numerous awards and honours from Pictures of the Year International, American Photography etc. Ed also gives lectures on photojournalism and multimedia storytelling.

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