Ridiculously Exciting Ways To Live For Free And Make Money While Travelling

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Travel has grown to be an insatiable need for many. This burning passion has triggered a growing number of people waving goodbye to desk jobs and embracing a lifestyle that allows them to experience cultures from around the world.

A meaty savings account to embrace your wandering lifestyle won’t harm, but if you have enough money to buy a flight ticket then we can suggest some other options that will not only help you earn cash but also live free or on a measly sum.

Volunteer as a farmer

Work on a farm

Working or helping on an organic farm is a great option for travellers to live rent free. This is an alternative way of living where you will have a chance to live with your hosts, learn about their lifestyle, culture and in return you would be expected to help them in the farm making compost, making cheese, milking, feeding, cleaning etc.

The number of work hours per day and the length of your stay can be negotiated directly with your hosts. This option won’t help you earn money but at least your food and accommodation is taken care of. A great option for slow travelers on low budget. Find out more about volunteering on organic farms at WWOOF

Work as an extra 

If you plan to stay in a country for long, we highly recommend signing up with a casting agency. There are lots of options where you can register for free or find out from locals about shoots. This is a highly viable option for foreigners visiting India.

Bollywood is constantly seeking extras for dance videos, films and game shows. You might have more luck in countries like India, Kenya and the UK.

pet sitting

House sitting

Another great way to earn cash while travelling abroad is through housesitting. This service offers free accomodation. All you need to do is take care of someone’s house, their belongings, pets, while the owners are away. Organisations like Mind My House offers a great option for slow travelers. There is US$20 or equivalent annual subscription cost for people wanting to housesit. But that’s a very small amount compared to the accommodation bill you would typically foot at a hotel or any other house.

With accommodation cost completely free, your travel life is made easier. Some other options that offer money or free accommodation for house sitting, baby sitting, pet sitting includes Great Aupair, Aupair and AupairWorld.

Cultural exchange programmes

If you are multi-talented then another great option would be to sign up with Work Away. You need to work 25 hours a week, i.e. five days and in return you will be provided with a bed in a dorm, free breakfast and lunch. This is an ideal option for people who really want to explore sights and live like a local. It helps you save money and in the evenings and weekends you can venture out and explore new sites.

If you are interested in doing a wide variety of volunteer work in exchange for free food and accommodation then Helpx is also a great option. For seasonal jobs offering quick cash try Picking Jobs. 

Freelance wedding photography

Freelance wedding photographer

If you are a photographer, then freelance wedding photography is a great option. If you are a novice with web design, you can use Wix, Blogger or WordPress to have a simple layout that will complement your photography skills.

Wedding photographers are in demand in every part of the word. Not every couple can afford an expensive wedding and photographer. With an increase in budget weddings, freelance wedding photography with an affordable pricing structure would easily enable you to embrace a nomadic lifestyle in any part of the world. 

Income through web projects

With so many people clasping a digital lifestyle, working remotely is viable option. All you need is either set up a business that could earn money or freelance for money. People assume travel writing would instantly make money. If you are passionate about travel writing and setting up your blog, this will work, not overnight, not in a few months, but it could grow over a period of time.

On the other hand content writing, designing, coding, marketing, working as a translator are financially viable options.

Another great way to make money online is by drop shipping. All you need is a website. Since you don' purchase the items you sell in advance, you can offer an array of options to your customers. When the customer buys a product you forward the order to your drop shipping partner, who then packs up the order and sends it to the customer on your behalf.

If you are travelling to Asia and can speak English, you might benefit from registering with ESL Cafe

So the possibilties for earning an income or living for free are endless. But be warned, before beginning any kind of travel lifestyle, research is crucial. People who travel long-term, rely on income from many streams, doing a combination of things will help you sustain and have a perfect blend of travel with low expense.

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