Teenager Captures Norway In A Way That Has Never Been Seen Before

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Norway Landscape - Captured Nation

Norway has always organically perched itself on the ‘World’s Most Peaceful Countries’ to live, and rightly so.

What makes this the most gorgeous place on Earth is its sheer simplicity.

Dog sledging, ice plugged mountains, natural hot springs, aurora borealis – the place has everything. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, there is more to explore in this Scandinavian land.  

Mathias Haughom, a 17-year-old from Norway made a video “for fun” but this arresting video could put pros to shame!

Mathias told Telegraph:

“My whole life I have loved Norwegian nature, but it was only when I started making drone films that I understood how special it is compared to other places and countries in the world..”

The chilling visuals tell the story of Norway like you have never seen before.

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