The Ghastly Story Of A Small Village With A Big Secret!

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The Cove is an Academy award nominated heart-breaking documentary which shows us how a relentless team of people penetrated the tight security around Taiji, Japan, to film forbidden footage to raise awareness about the mass slaughter of dolphins.

"Small cetaceans, namely dolphins are not protected by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). In fact, the IWC affords no protections for 71 (out of 80, known) cetacean species, including all dolphins and porpoises, which is why Japan can legally kill them by the tens of thousands.” – Oceanic Preservation Society.

The movie reveals how the local fisherman use sonar to lure dolphins and lead them into a trap to kill.  It exposes brutality against these mammals, with gruesome imagery of bloodied water, amongst others and gives viewers a plethora of information about the ghastly dolphin meat industry in Japan. As dolphin flesh has high levels of mercury, it’s mislabelled as whale meat and fed to Japanese children for their school lunches. The movie goes into the depth of showing the long term side effects of consuming food with such alarming levels of mercury, especially in children.

The sneaky footage taken on night vision cameras was covert, extremely dangerous, some of which could have sent the crew to prison or worse, but their tenacity and passion to help these dolphins is what makes this a touching experience. It truly inspires and enlightens the world, including many Japanese people about what they are being fed.

"The Japanese people have been intentionally sheltered from the slaughter, and the large majority are still unaware that much of the meat they buy is actually mislabeled dolphin meat.” – Oceanic Preservation Society.

The crux of the story is the extreme attempts made by a passionate group of people who go through extreme lengths to gather proof. The shocking imagery of fishermen striking blows, dolphins struggling and dying constantly creates tension in the film, there’s an ever-present threat of violence.

The Cove is example of exceptional storytelling and shows us that things can change if we come together and stay united. Since the screening of this film, 1 million people have come together to put an end to this violence. Watch The Cove here and sign-up to help Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project to keep the spirit of activism going all over the world.

If you are an activist who is fighting to raise awareness, supporting a cause, then talk to us now and we will share you story with the rest of the world.

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