Truth About The Cannibalistic Priests Of India Revealed!

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The Aghoris are a peculiar clan of monks who are an iconic symbol of India. Their community has been around for over thousands of years. 

Ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, this eccentric clan believe in seeking freedom from the cycle of reincarnation. One has to renounce their ego, identity, sex, name, cultural ties and every other connection to the material world to be initiated as an Aghori.

For centuries their bizarre rituals have mesmerised people from all around the world. Their way of life seems simple, yet in many ways it is unnerving and secretive, arousing both fear, curiosity and admiration. Alleged for cannibalism and necrophilia – their derivative practices are bit of an intrigue.

So let’s explore some awe stirring facts about their lifestyle which will leave you a lot more conversant than you imagined.

Finding purity in filth

They are revolting for their appetite, but the truth is their indifference to everything leads them to find purity in filth. As a result they eat things a human finds abnormal - like the flesh of dead corpses, rotten food and excreta. According to them feasting on faeces is said to kill the ego and disrupt the human perception of beauty, which is essential for a person to lead the life of an Aghora.

The Aghora principle states that if one can concentrate on god while performing the most perverted acts like necrophilia, necrophagy and coprophagy, then it is the purest connection to god. This goes against the traditional Hindu belief which includes veganism, holiness and restraint from lust.

They eat everything to be connected to the universe, eliminate discrimination and accept the truth of the body, life, death and the total acceptance that our body disintegrates with each passing day.


They have relinquished their ego, identity and dependence on the five senses. As a result they do not feel anything. Even when people claim that Aghoris smoke cannabis for pleasure, this is far from the truth. The monks do this to feel connected to themselves. There is no good or bad. 

The Aghoris do not believe in hatred, according to them a person can never be spiritually free or attain moksha through hatred. There is no religion, race, or colour in their tribe. The only thing that exists is oneness.


Sex is not of body, but of mind and soul

They follow the diktat of maithuna, which translates to a sexual union in a ritualistic context.

The consummation takes places in a cemetery where the consenting women must be menstruating during the act. She is then smeared with ash of the dead, followed by chants and beating of drums which leads to the merge. During the act the man and woman are said to become the incarnations of Shiva and Shakti who gain supernatural powers as blessings.

However the real purpose is to transcend the eroticism, where the ego is diminished, where one confronts to the ultimate reality and experiences bliss through union of the elusive bodies through spirituality.


Aghoras claim to have the cure for all illness. This isn’t scientifically proven, but they do not visit doctors. Instead they use elixirs which comprises of their own bodily liquids and the liquids from dead bodies for medicinal purposes to heal all their wounds and ailments.


Shivaism also known as Shaivism is a popular sect of Hinduism.

The Aghoris are staunch believers of Shiva being everything in the universe – the creator, destroyer and the preserver. This belief system is popular in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia.  

Aghoris are attracted to asceticism than adherents of other Hindu factions, as a result they perform self-purification rituals, do yoga, stay connected to their mind and body and strive to be one with the lord through their manner of living.

Aghoris in India

Freedom from worldliness

To the Aghoris being bare is a form of complete abandonment from the material world and its attachments. So they move around from place to place wearing nothing but ash from dead bodies to cover their nakedness. Some use thigh bone and skulls from human dead bodies to accessorise themselves. They also use a cup/bowl made of skull to consume food.

The Aghoris never cut or wash their hair, very similar to the Native American tribes who believe that cutting their hair is like cutting their spirit. 

We are all Aghoris

The monks say that when a child is born everything is one, they don't know good or bad. They never get scared because they don't understand fear.

A young child cannot differentiate between their faeces, dirt, playthings or luxury. They only start distinguishing when the family or the society teaches them.

When the child grows up and makes choices and distinguishes right from wrong, that’s when they lose the traits of an Aghori. So in that sense we were all born Aghoris.

Video Warning: Please note that the video is graphic in nature. Do not watch this around kids. Also note that Aghoris do not kill living animals or human beings. They only eat flesh from dead corpses.

When we observe the life of an Aghori from a confined and restricted point of view, all we will see is a naked, creepy man, smoking cannabis, but once we step out of this frame of mind – their existence is just another harmless method towards spiritual enlightenment.

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