Unveiling Religion And Culture Through Photography

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“A religious man, functioning from the highest point of consciousness intuition is just like the fragrance of a flower. There is no question of your being converted. Even if nobody passes by the side of the rose, the fragrance will still be spreading around, moving... somewhere, somebody may get it. And even if nobody gets it, it doesn't matter; it is simply natural for the flower to explode into fragrance. “ – Osho

Man made or self made, religion always branches from our society and conditions our mind.

Ceremonies and rituals always give incredible insights about our lineage. It is a great tool to impart knowledge about our ancestry and heritage when practiced with the best intentions and a desire to enrich our community. The blend of culture, mythology and religion make fantastic history lessons and great folklore for us and the generations to come.However Salman Rushdie, author of the Satanic Verses stirred up a controversy during the Paris attack by calling religion a "medieval form of unreason". He added "...when combined with modern weaponry it becomes a real threat to our freedom".

Woman in Chiang Mai

As anything else, religion when forced becomes a form of violation and a crime against humanity.

Countless stories of religious paedophiles corrupting and breaking the souls of our nation makes the phenomenon of religion a pointless sham.

"All religions teach love, and all religions end in hatred. " - Osho

Either humanity combined with the power of culture and religion brings everyone together for cooperative success and harmony or it divides for persecution and suffering. So is it the principle concept of religion or the ego of men and women within it that damages our society?


This month join us as we delve into the beauty and politics of religion through photography. We’ll introduce you to people, traditions, culture and a broad overview of religious ceremonies and perspectives of diverse photographers. We’d love you to be part of our conversations and share your thoughts.

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