What Is Mobile Journalism?


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What is mobile journalism

Mobile journalism is the activity of using a mobile device, such as a tablet or phone, to write, film and record stories that are to be shared primarily through digital media.

As more and more people go online to consume news, we have been witnessing a slow death of the newspaper industry. In spite of this, journalism has been holding its own fort.

“Statistics from the Times say roughly half of the people who read it now do so with their mobile devices, and that jibes with figures from the latest Pew report on the news media broadly. But if you were to assume that means people have given up reading actual articles and are just snacking instead, you'd be wrong. The Atlantic recently reported that a gorgeously illustrated 6,200-word story on BuzzFeed—which likewise gets about half its readers through mobile devices—not only received more than a million views, it held the attention of smartphone users for an average of more than 25 minutes. “- Wired.

As more people rely on their phones to collect, edit and share stories, there is an increase in the rise of the mobile journalist. These journalists are often referred as MOJOs (Mobile Journalists) – they usually consist of freelance journalists or citizen journalist who use their mobile or tablet to report stories globally.

There are several advantages to mobile journalism as it’s a low cost, portable, hassle free method of storytelling. Some of them are:

  • 1. Mobile journalism is a popular and generally cheaper method of capturing and recording breaking news

  • 2. Recording, editing, sharing, planning, researching and writing can all be achieved within one device that can give you professional results.

  • 3. Recording, editing and publishing can be done on the fly

  • 4. It is discreet, and a growing number of high-quality apps can make your mobile a spectacular device for editing, reporting and sharing news.

  • 5. It empowers the public and journalist equally and encourages them to play their part in major stories and give a voice to stories that might otherwise not be heard.

  • 6. You can interact better with your audience with the use of correct hashtags and share stories on various microblogging sites to create more engagement to your story.

  • 7. You can direct viewer contributions while you are out in the field

  • 8. You can save time by using geolocation on your phone and make use of your smart phone's GPS function to find sources discussing the issue who are in the area where the news is breaking.

  • 9. Through mobile journalism, you can pinpoint potential sources before you even arrive on the scene.

  • 10. Mobile journalism gives you more flexibility to share and distribute your footage across various social media platform, thus aiding distribution.

Ultimately mobile journalism is extremely powerful that helps you put people face-to-face with the endless stream of events that you, as a freelance or citizen journalist, exist to capture.

So if you are a mobile journalist, join Captured Nation Voice and share you stories with the world today.

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