Wombs For Rent – The Untold Story Of India!

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Surrogacy has been commercially available in the West since the 70s. It was when the first test-tube baby was born in England.

Countries like England, Canada, Australia and Belgium support altruistic surrogacy, but have banned commercial surrogacy for ethical, religious and medical reasons, as have some states in the United States. Whereas France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain all ban the practice completely, which means that infertile couples cannot turn to this option.

Then there are countries that haven’t banned this practice and ensure that the industry is stringently regulated, except India – which has a booming surrogacy industry.

“India is one of the world’s leading centres for surrogate motherhood.

Every year several hundred babies are born in this country and may never know who gave birth to them.”

Watch this powerful documentary that tells you how carrying someone else's baby has become a million dollar industry, but still there are no laws to protect these women.

In India, commercial surrogacy has been permitted for more than a decade, but without any government regulation, surrogates have to accept the terms and conditions that clinics give them. 

If you like this story, we also recommend reading Gita Aravamudan’s book Baby Makers: The Story of Indian Surrogacy.

Via: Russia Today

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