You Would Be Surprised To Know These Strange Fetishes Exist

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bizarre fetishes

When a person derives strong sexual gratification from genital or non–genital body parts, inanimate objects, bodily/other fluids or anything ordinary or out of the ordinary, then this can roughly be defined as a fetish.

The emergence of the internet has seen an increase in fetishes, giving people a portal to discover new things and connect with a community of likeminded thinkers.

The definition of a fetish isn’t fully rational. It can be sexual or non sexual in nature but often times it is sexual, with little or no reasoning and you wouldn't be shocked to know that the internet is filled with people and communities that celebrate fetishes that we didn’t know existed.

Here’s a compilation of weird ‘turn ons’ we wished weren’t real.

1. Climacophilia

When you climb up or down the stairs and trip, you fall down. Sometimes you could get hurt, depending on the severity of the fall, but there are some types of people who relish this sight and take it to a whole new level. Climacophilia is a term when someone is sexually aroused when they fall or when they see others fall down the stairs. It gets hotter when the stairs are slippery or wet. Dream date: Machu Piccu.

Some researchers in the 60s discovered that arousal to inanimate objects can occur if you’re constantly exposed to something when you’re sexually aroused. With repeated exposure to an object your brain starts linking that object with sexual desire, this is called the Pavlovian theory.

2. Vorarephilia

Imagine going on a date with a person you find attractive, intelligent or funny. We bet your thinking, ‘that’d be lovely!’ Now what if this person has Vorarephilia? We hope not, because while you’re enjoying your bubbly, gazing into their eyes, telling yourself this is the best date ever. He/she could be deriving pleasure from the thought of slowly devouring you. This isn't sexual, we literally mean thinking of physically eating you slowly or swallowing you whole. Yikes!

Vorarephilia has strong linkage to sexual cannibalism and has been portrayed in many games and graphic novels, making it disturbingly real. Blind dates aren't an option anymore.

3. Coulrophilia

This term refers to sexual attraction to clowns or jesters. Psychologically one way to interpret this fetish is the lack of love received during childhood but for some it’s just the thrill of not knowing who is behind that mask or face paint. Clearly people with Coulrophilia haven’t read Stephen King’s ‘It’ or haven’t seen Season 3 of the American Horror Show titled ‘Freak Show’ or maybe they have, which makes it creepier for the rest of us.

Creepy clown

4. Formicophilia

Do you know the feeling when you see thousands of ants march on your kitchen table because you accidentally dropped sugar while making coffee? For most people it’s just an icky feeling to see ants anywhere but for people with Formicophilia this sight is an instant turn on. It’s not just the looking, they get aroused when ants crawl over their body. It’s the vibration and the ticklish feeling that does it for them. This is not just restricted to ants, basically any/all insects: bees, wasps, bugs, crickets etc. – imagine sexual gratification with your body covered with all of them. Maybe they need to watch Mothra or The Fly but we’ll pass on this one.

5. Dendrophilia

Some people love trees so much that they take it to the next level. Their sexual desired are heightened by standing next to trees, feeling them or even seeing pictures of trees. So if you ever saw someone standing naked or hugging a tree, the word for this tree fetish is Dendrophilia.

6. Mucophilia

When one sneezes we say ‘bless you’. Imagine your partner or a friend getting physically turned on with that sight and the visual of your sneeze. Gross.  But there is a word for this fetish ladies and gentlemen and it is Mucophilia.

7. Coprophilia

There are insane fetishes and then there is the disturbing and that's Coprophilia, arousal to faeces. Now even though it seems a bit odd and extreme to most of us. The fetish is derived from a concept popularly used in television, films and art. It’s called ‘gross out’. It is the ability to shock and creep people at the same time. In visual media, this is used to keep the viewers hooked. However for some it is a state of arousal when your disgust impulse weakens which makes ordinarily considered disgusting activities of various kinds sexy to some people.

8. Nebulophilia

Of course weather has a significant effect on our mood but for some the change in weather can be a turn on. Nebulophilia is when a person gets sexually aroused at the sight of fog. Watching Stephen King's The Mist will be such a turn on for them.


The sad part is this list isn’t half of what’s out there and there are more disturbing, odd, and blatantly insane fetishes on the internet. So did any fetish from our list make you cringe or do you know something that’ll make our readers cringe? Share it, we’d love to learn and hopefully have that thought permanently erased after learning something outrageous like we did on this post.

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