Captured Nation for Photographers – Sell Your Work, Share Your Stories, Earn Through Shared Ad Revenue

Captured Nation is a platform that supports and works with photographers that wish to share real life experiences and tell stories that would otherwise never be heard or seen.

We are not a stock photography website with a goal of selling commercial images. Instead we focus on photography as a storytelling medium that isn't limited by language or geographical boundaries and can bring awareness to a cause, project or a situation.

Our goal is to empower photographers to share real, unfiltered stories. From the beautiful to the dark and bizarre whilst providing the tools for photographers, writers and film-makers to collaborate and make a bigger impact directly to our society and through other media outlets.

10 Reasons to Join as a photographer


Invitation only platform - Your work will only be there with the finest photographers.


Percentage paid to you every month from the sales of your images.


You select the price band for each of your photographs.


Premium stock photography site specialising in travel, politics, culture, wildlife, nature and photojournalism (NO corporate stock images).


Network, connect, follow and collaborate with other photographers, film-makers. journalists, activists and writers.


Upload your work once and earn from it forever.


Build your profile and share your personal experiences through imagery and words.


Each visit to your published articles earns you part of the advertising revenue.


Benefit from our upcoming projects and features.


Visual Stories - If you want to promote and display your work but don't want to sell stock you can take advantage of visual stories. Galleries for sharing your stories, promoting your work, causes, projects and campaigns through pictures and words.

How to Join

There are no additional bolt ons, premium accounts or hidden expenses you simply join, upload as many images as you like and give your stories, knowledge and experiences to the world for a greater good.

If you are photographer who has a passion for capturing images that define our world today, then share your stories, sell your work and start earning with Captured Nation today.

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