Making Money as Writers & Journalists

From the good and the bad to the beautiful and the bizarre, we put the power of communication directly into the hands of writers, journalists, citizen journalists and travel writers that have stories that provide an alternative source of news and stories from around the globe.

Through Captured Nation you are empowered to collaborate with like-minded photographers, writers and film-makers so that you can make a bigger impact in society directly and through other media outlets.

Once your article(s) is published on Captured Nation you automatically become entitled to part of the ad revenue that it generates through the ad impressions. This means the popular your story, the more you earn. Turning each of your published stories into an income earner for many years to come.

Nine Reasons to join as a writer, journalist, citizen journalist or travel writer


Invitation only platform - Resulting in premium, authentic content.


Share your experiences, promote a cause, raise awareness of places, situations, events and projects.


Build a network, connect, follow and collaborate with other writers, film-makers. journalists, activists and photographers.


Build your profile and share your personal experiences and knowledge through imagery and words.


Put your work and your skill set in front of our media contacts, bloggers, organisations, media outlets and publishers.


Benefit from our upcoming projects and features including apps and print publications.


All published stories are linked to your profile and all credit is given to you. Both your story and profile are then promoted through ongoing campaigns.


Each visit to your published articles earns you part of the advertising revenue.


Chances to win prizes and exposure through our competitions.

How to Join

There are no additional bolt ons, sign up fees, subscriptions, premium accounts or hidden expenses. Just join and share the stories, knowledge and experiences you have with the rest of the world.

So if you are a writer who has a passion for capturing beautiful places, emotions, the good, the bad, the ugly and the bizarre through words and pictures Captured Nation is the perfect place for sharing, learning and earning from your writing.

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